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Why is Preserving Tooth Structure So Important?

Why is Preserving Tooth Structure So Important? | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dallas Dentist

Imagine that you have an important meeting to get to in a hurry. You have all your paperwork; your clothes are pressed and you hop in the car to take off – only to find you have no steering wheel. Now, apply that line of thinking to your teeth. Tooth structure preservation tends to be overlooked by many dentists performing drilling or filling procedures. Our teeth are the steering wheels of our mouth and “driving” without them is impossible, so extra care must be taken when working on them.

Preserving tooth structure is vital for many reasons beyond only cosmetic. The healthy tooth was designed endure the harsh impacts of biting and chewing. The teeth also distribute the impact evenly into the core of the tooth and the bone. Typically, when a tooth is badly cracked or split, caps are used to hold it together and prevent the break in the tooth from expanding. This will aid in the reduction of the pain from a cracked tooth and provide relief for the pressure on it. This also allows the tooth to stay in your mouth as opposed to having to remove and replace it.

Another way to ensure your tooth structure remains intact is by listening when your Dallas dentist tells you to take an active interest in them. Being reminded (and in some cases informed) as to how vital your teeth’s health is ensures that you will become more committed to oral betterment. Dental restorations, crowns or fillings should be checked by your dentist and if necessary, replaced every 8 years. The longer you wait to have your teeth checked on, the greater chance of decay spreading and the need for a root canal. Proper brushing technique also plays an important part.

The final way to ensure you have the best tooth structure is to make sure you are well informed. The biggest issue in the path of dental health is a lack of knowledge. More information on this topic can be found here.

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