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When to Go to the Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Surgery

When to Go to the Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Surgery? | Dallas Dentist | Dallas Dental Wellness

Whether your wisdom teeth are still completely unseen or fully revealed, if you’re past a certain age, your dentist has probably told you that you should consider having them removed. Of course, wisdom teeth come in differently for everyone, which can make it tricky to lay down a concrete schedule for their removal—and thus many people put the procedure off.


You should, of course, have surgery scheduled as soon as possible if you’re experiencing pain due to your wisdom teeth. It’s important to realize that many forms of pain can stem from your wisdom teeth—it’s not simply a matter of your wisdom teeth hurting, though that can be a problem. Your wisdom teeth can put pressure on other teeth or your jaw, radiating pain throughout your entire mouth, triggering headaches, neck aches, and other pains. They can cut your cheek or gums, too.


If your wisdom teeth are pressed against other teeth, or you notice a change in your teeth before they emerge, you’ll want to schedule removal as soon as possible. For most people, there’s simply not enough room for wisdom teeth to grow in comfortably—this leads to them forcing other teeth aside as they grow in, ruining your dental alignment.


It’s difficult to keep wisdom teeth clean, even if you’re lucky enough that they come in perfectly. Not only is it physically challenging to brush and floss them as thoroughly as the rest of your teeth, but they’re back in the areas of your mouth most likely to accumulate bacteria and debris. This is the primary reason why dentists recommend the removal of even perfectly aligned, pain-free wisdom teeth.

Too early? If you’re worried about having your wisdom teeth removed too soon, don’t be. Your dentist will be able to tell if it would be best to wait. Most dentists prefer to wait until shortly before they would begin to become a problem, just to minimize complications and surprises.

If you’d like to learn more about scheduling your wisdom teeth surgery, or have any other questions about taking care of your teeth and gums, ask a local Dallas dentist today! You can contact us any time to set up an appointment or ask questions.