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When Do You Need Alveoloplasty?

When Do You Need Alveoloplasty? | Dallas Dentist | Dallas Dental Wellness

When teeth are lost through injury or dental extraction, a hole is left in the jawbone. As gums heal, they will do so unevenly to adapt to the wound contours which peak and drop. This creates problems for any type of restoration procedure such as dentures, which will rub against the unevenness, causing soreness and discomfort.

In addition, the hole left behind might have trouble forming blood clots, which can result in a dry socket – an incredibly painful condition where the gums are inflamed and bone from the jaw juts out of the hole.

Dental implants

In the case of dentures, an alveoloplasty is needed to prepare your jawbone for dental implants. The surface of the bone will need to be filed down to a more even level. Dentures fitted over an even surface will bring discomfort and pain.

Dry socket

Aside from dental implants, an alveoloplasty is advised immediately after tooth extraction to reduce the chances of developing alveolar osteitis, commonly known as a dry socket. A dry socket occurs when blood fails to clot at the site of the would.

Symptoms include throbbing pain at the site of the hole, as well as exposed bone and an inflamed gum area. This condition makes the patient highly susceptible to infection. Special medical needs

Alveoloplasty is heavily advised immediately after tooth extraction in people who might suffer from an autoimmune disease or have cancer. Fast healing is absolutely vital in cancer patients. Cancer patients cannot have chemotherapy while recovering from tooth extraction due to radiation drying up salivary glands and reducing blood flow to the jaw. This increases the potential for tooth decay.

A consultation with a dentist is essential for a successful solution regarding your dental needs. It is important to present a full and up-to-date medical profile for the best possible outcome.

There are different types of alveoloplasty procedures. Contact a Dallas dentist today and discuss your options. For more information and to schedule a consultation or discuss your options, please call Dallas Dental Wellness.