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What Causes Tooth Stain?

What Causes Tooth Stain | Best Dallas Dentist

Are your teeth not as white as you’d like? Maybe you have just noticed that your teeth are not as white as they used to be.

You may have stepped up your oral health and hygiene by brushing and flossing more or you may have tried using a charcoal toothpaste your friend recommended. You may have heard of teeth whitening services from your Dallas dentist. There are several causes that can make your teeth stain, but there are just as many ways to prevent and reverse tooth discoloration.

The good news is that tooth stain is both preventable and treatable. Read on to know what causes tooth stain and what you can do to keep your teeth looking their best.

Causes of tooth stain

What are tooth stains? There are a lot of reasons why teeth may darken.

  • Extrinsic tooth staining occurs on the tooth’s enamel and is caused by eating and drinking specific kinds of foods, as well as smoking.
  • Intrinsic tooth staining occurs on the dentin (below the surface of the tooth) and can be caused by several factors like overexposure to fluoride, medication, trauma, smoking, and specific foods and drinks.
  • Age-related tooth staining is inevitable with age. As time passes, the enamel weakens, causing the dentin – which is naturally darker – to surface.

Some causes of food stain are unavoidable, but some are more preventable than others. Here’s a list.

1. Foods

  • Vibrant fruits and berries.
  • Deeply-colored sauces.

2. Drinks

  • Energy drinks can erode the enamel.
  • Coffee and tea are two of the main causes of stained teeth.
  • Fizzy drinks that are rich in sugar content.
  • Red wine is both acidic and rich in color.

3. Poor oral hygiene

This can lead to tartar and plaque build-up, which causes tooth stains.

4. Medication

  • Antihistamines, antipsychotic medications, or medicines for high blood pressure can stain teeth.
  • Tetracycline antibiotics.
  • Overexposure to fluoride during early childhood.

5. Smoking

Nicotine is a big contributor to tooth stain and decay.

6. Trauma

Any kind of trauma that that causes nerve damage. This includes cracked or chipped teeth.

Professional teeth whitening by Dallas Dental Wellness

Professional tooth whitening is done by applying a light-activated bleaching gel or a bleaching agent to your teeth, making it significantly whiter in one visit. For stubborn stains, several treatments may be required.

It would be good to note that some intrinsic stains do not respond to bleaching gels or agents. If such is the case, your Dallas dentist may recommend dental veneers.

Visit your Dallas dentist to go over your options. If you want a brighter, healthier, and whiter smile, your caring team at Dallas Dental Wellness can help!