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A Weekly Reminder from Your Dallas Dentist: Don’t Ignore These Oral Health Symptoms

Don’t Ignore These Oral Health Symptoms | Best Dallas dentist

A symptom indicates an underlying condition or disease. This is why symptoms, especially oral symptoms, must never be taken lightly. Should you experience any of these symptoms, don’t ever ignore them. Instead, be sure to pay your dentist a visit for treatment.

1. Sore and bleeding gums

Gums can bleed and feel sore during forceful brushingor when a toothbrush with firm bristles is used. However, there are times when even during careful brushing, gums can still feel sore and bleed.

The primary symptoms of a worsening gum disease are aching and bleeding gums. Other significant changes to watch out for are any changes in your gum’s color and texture. If you feel that your gums have become springy and spongy, and have undergone significant color changes, this may be indicative of a serious gum disease. Be sure to get in touch with your dentist right away.

2. Tooth loss

Tooth loss is perceived to be common among the elderly. However, for some people, the experience of sudden tooth loss can be a sign of osteoporosis. Remember that with osteoporosis, your bone density decreases, and consequently, your bones begin to weaken. When osteoporosis affects your jawbone, this is when dental problems occur. Because your jawbone holds your teeth in place, osteoporotic damages to your jawbone can lead to loss of teeth.

3. Chronic bad breath

Regular brushing and flossing typically addresses halitosis or bad breath. However, when bad breath persists, it can be a sign of an underlying gum disease or tooth decay; or sometimes, more serious conditions like kidney or liver disease, chronic lung infections, diabetes, and intestinal problems.

4. Persistent mouth sores

If you constantly suffer from mouth sores, this can be indicative of a serious problem. Mouth sores that don’t heal after two weeks, together with other symptoms like chewing problems, pain during swallowing, and having a constant strange taste in the mouth, can be linked with oral cancer.

Oral cancer is prevalent among people who smoke cigarettes and tobacco.

5. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold

When your tooth seems to experience a heightened sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food, it could be a sign of a tooth decay that has already reached the center of your tooth. The sensitivity that you are experiencing is due to the irritation of nerves and blood vessels located within your tooth.

The moment you experience this, get in touch with your dentist, and have your cavity treated. The sooner you get your cavity treated, the better it is for your tooth and overall oral health.

Remember that maintaining good oral hygiene and is critical to achieve daoral health. One way that you can maintain good oral hygiene is to pay regular visits to your dentist.

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