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Top Parenting Hacks: Encouraging Good Oral Health Habits in Children

Top Parenting Hacks Encouraging Good Oral Health Habits in Children | Dallas Dentist

Excellent oral health habits should begin at an early age. Kids who know how to take good care of their teeth can carry those good habits into adulthood. This can help prevent serious issues later on in life, like broken teeth, cavities, bad breath, and other complications.

Knowing when you should take your child to dental appointments and doing your best to stick to this schedule are some of the keys to long-term dental health. Here are some of the few milestones for your child’s teeth.

  • Pre-teeth care – your child’s teeth are still developing their gums during the first 6 months. Give your child a healthy diet to encourage strong tooth development.
  • Their first teeth – visit your family dentist as soon as your child’s first teeth come in. Plan for regular visits at least twice a year.
  • Their permanent teeth – your child’s baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth when children are 6 months to 12 years old. At this point, your child should know how to properly (and regularly) brush their teeth.

Encourage good oral health care for your children with these top tips.

1. Educational books and TV shows

There are a lot of educational content out there to help instill the value of oral health and teach your child to brush properly. Read books or watch shows together to introduce the value of oral health to your child.

2. Lead by example

Children love to imitate their parents. Don’t simply tell your child to brush their teeth, brush teeth together! This way, they will see that you also take good care of your teeth.

3. Involve them in the process

Get your child more interested in tooth hygiene by letting them choose their own toothbrushes and toothpaste.

4. Use big kid cups

By the time your child celebrates his first birthday, try to get your child to drink out of a regular cup!

5. Praise their successes

When children are aware that you are proud of them for practicing good oral hygiene, they will be proud of themselves too. A reward system, like a sticker chart, might work until they get used to the habit.

Teach your child that good dental hygiene is not a chore. It is fun! Sing a song, turn it into a game, listen to a brushing playlist, or dance around.

If your child is still having a difficult time understanding the value of good oral health, that’s fine! Good oral health care for children is important, but it would be good to remember that each child learns at their own pace. Keep trying and be patient. You can also go to your Dallas dentist for help. Our caring team at Dallas Dental wellness can help show them examples, encourage them, try to discover why your child refuses to brush, or set up a routine with them.


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