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Top 7 Reasons You Need to See a Dentist

Top 7 Reasons You Need to See a Dentist | Best Dallas Dentist | Dallas Dental Wellness

We lead busy lives – a demanding job, young kids, a family member in need – there are so many things that can cause preventive oral care to fall by the wayside.  We are often very preoccupied with our daily lives that we normally fail to take care of some of the more ordinary, yet important things, like taking care of ourselves. Until a nagging symptom alerts you that it has been months since you last saw your dentist.

It can be quite tempting to postpone minor dental discomforts until your schedule lightens up. However, you shouldn’t ignore some dental warning signs. Catch the problems early on with preventative oral health care, and you’ll save precious time and money.

So how do you know that it’s high time you see your dental provider? Here are some signs:

1. You have pain

Swelling or pain in your face, mouth or neck can mean a number of different things. It’s time to go to your dental health provider.

2. You see or feel changes in your gums

Are they puffy? Do they bleed when you floss or brush? Does your family have a history of gum disease? It’s time to make an appointment.

3. You hide your smile

Are you hoping for a brighter smile or are you self-conscious about a missing tooth? Don’t be shy about talking to your cosmetic dentist in Dallas!

4. You have had dental work done

If you have crowns, fillings, dentures, or dental implants, it’s important that you see your dentist on a regular basis to ensure that your mouth is in great shape.

5. You have a medical issue

If you have a medical condition like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, or eating disorders, it’s best that you make your dentist a part of your team.

6. You are pregnant

Did you know that pregnancy can make some dental issues worse? It is safe to see a dentist while you’re pregnant, so do not miss your regular dental checkup.

7. You have dry mouth

A dry mouth could be a sign of a medication side effect or a medical issue. Also called xerostomia, dry mouth is a result of an inadequate flow of saliva. A lack of saliva in your mouth can result to extensive tooth decay.

Even if you are not showing symptoms, regular dental checkups with your cosmetic dentist in Dallas are essential because they can help prevent oral health issues from progressing and treat existing symptoms before they develop.