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Tips on Winter Wellness

Tips on Winter Wellness | Dallas Dentist Tips | Best Dentist in Dallas, TX

This December, Dallas Dental Wellness, your dental office in Dallas, will share some information about winter wellness, as well as tips on how to stay fit throughout the holidays.

This is a time of family, friendship, food, fun, and gifts. With all the excitement going on, maintaining your oral health can be tough.

Normal routines go by the wayside as we are bombarded with savory drinks, scrumptious food, and sugary sweets. But don’t worry – together, we can make this holiday fun, festive, and full of healthy smiles!

1. On  your next Christmas party, bring a cheese platter with you. Yogurt, cheese, as well as milk can lessen the acidity of carbonated drinks. Some beverages can wear the teeth’s protective enamel so nibbling on some cheese may prove helpful. Who doesn’t enjoy their wine with cheese?

2. Avoid hard, sticky, gummy, chewy or sugary foods like candy canes, candied apples, caramel, toffee, chestnuts, or soft chew mints. All these are tempting holiday treats but are harmful to your teeth.

3. Stay hydrated! Water is always best. Drinking water throughout the day can help you feel full, wash your teeth of any bacteria that has built up, and help avoid the temptation of sweet treats!

4. Focus on more meaningful events. Food is normally the focus on any holiday, but too much food is not good for our waistline, teeth, and overall health. To help take the focus off food, set up fun activities like card or board games, holiday movie marathons, or creative craft projects.

5. Set a time limit for people to eat. Munching on food all day puts our teeth more at risk of tooth decay. May it be buffet-style or sit-down meals, it’s essential that there is a specific start and end to eating times. This way, everyone is spared from regularly reaching for food that is high in fat and sugar!

6. Do your best to keep a regular sleep schedule. Did you know that our sleep-wake cycle is regulated by melatonin, a hormone released in response to light? Limit your light exposure at night, especially those that are emitted from electronic devices or TV screens. These devices inhibit the release of melatonin, affecting sleep quality. Regardless of the season, do your best to get up and go to bed at the same time.

7. Stay active. Sure, it is hard to stay motivated to stay active and fit during the cold season, but adults need approximately 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Go to a nearby gym, or join a yoga class or local fitness group. Dress warmly, make the most of a beautiful, sunny, winter’s day, and take a walk.

At Dallas Dental Wellness, your dental office in Dallas, we aim to give you and your family optimal dental care during the holidays and beyond. This season is a great time to visit us. When  you have regular professional dental care visits, your teeth and gums will be in tip-top shape!