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Tips From Your Dallas Dentist: The 3 Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Tips From Your Dallas Dentist: The 3 Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

As our doctors would often tell us, what we eat matters. However, not only does our food intake affect our body’s health, but it also affects our oral health.

What are the best and worst foods for your teeth?

Best Foods

1. Green, leafy vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables are the ultimate, staple healthy food for anyone. After all, they’re high in vitamins and minerals, yet low on calories. They’re also particularly good for your teeth, as they contain high amounts of calcium, which helps build tooth enamel. Remember that tooth enamel, which is made up of minerals, serves as the protective covering of your teeth.

2. Apples

If you’re a bit of a “sweet tooth” and you find it hard to steer clear of sweets, this is an escape for you. Apples are exceptions to the rule. Although apples are sweet, they are also rich in fiber and water, making it good for your teeth.

As you eat an apple, it increases the saliva production in your mouth, thus rinsing away bacteria and any remaining food particle.

3. Dairy products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and plain yogurt are also good for your teeth. Cheese, for one, is a saliva-maker, which also rinses away unwanted bacteria and particles, the way apples do. Such dairy products also contain calcium and other minerals that help strengthen your teeth.

Worst Foods

1. Candies

Well, the truth is, candies are generally harmless for your teeth. However, when eaten in excess, that’s when the problem occurs.

When it comes to candies, the chewier and the harder, the worse it is for your teeth. Chewy candies tend to stick to teeth for long periods, causing bacteria build-up, and ultimately, cavities. Hard candies on the other hand, put your teeth at risk for damage by cracking and getting chipped off.

2. Citrus

Surprise, surprise. Yes, citruses are a rich source of vitamin C, however, they can be detrimental to your teeth. Remember that citruses are highly acidic. Because of their acidity, they have a tendency to erode the enamel of your teeth. Losing enamel may cause accumulation of plaque, tartar, as well as other tooth complications.

3. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks like soft drinks tend to coat your teeth with acid, which also attacks tooth enamel. Plus, carbonated drinks, especially the dark-colored ones, stain your teeth.

As dentists say, the general rule of thumb for drinks is that if it stains your white linen, then it’s likely to stain your teeth as well.

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