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Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Children to the Dentist

Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Children to the Dentist | Dallas Children's Dentistry

We all remember those visits to the dentist office as a young child. Maybe you ate too much candy on Halloween, or had one too many soft drinks. Regardless of the background, many folks struggle when it’s time to bring their own children to the dentist. The evidence is clear, however; dental visits are crucial from year one onward, as they serve as a protection against diseases and create a solid foundation for lifelong oral health.

As you prepare to take your child into the dentist office, remember a few tips to make the experience as successful and painless as possible.

Incorporate Coping Skills and Mindfulness

In a recent report from the American Psychological Association, researchers worked with young children to develop coping skills surrounding their dental visits. They measured behavioral and physiological metrics on two separate visits and found that working with children to emphasize self-control coping skills and sensory information was effective in “reducing disruptive behaviors, anxiety and discomfort, and physiological arousal.” Consider introducing these concepts to your child to reduce the stress surrounding early dental visits.

Simplify Matters

Try not to overload your child with all the nuances and details surrounding their visit to the dentist. Don’t mislead your child—telling them “everything’s fine” could erode trust if there are actual health issues that need to be remedied. Remember that your attitude matters. If you are relaxed, your child is more likely to be relaxed too. Bringing your child to your dental visits to get them familiar with the sounds and sights of a dental office will prove to be helpful too.

Language is Important

Kids are triggered by certain words. Avoid words like “pain” or “needle,” and allow your dentist the space to create the ideal setting for your child’s dental visit. Spend time talking to your child about the dental visit, and talk to them about what the dentist will do in a positive way.

But Remember—They Still Need to Visit

It’s important to prepare your child emotionally for their early visit to the dentist, but it’s even more important to introduce them to oral healthcare at a young age. If you’re looking for a dental office in Dallas for your child, look no further than Dallas Dental Wellness. Dallas Dentist, Dr. Sarah Kong and her team are trained to work with young children and make their dental experience as painless and productive as can be. Their modern office design evokes serenity and peace, and the friendly, experienced staff works with each patient to ensure comfort and effective care throughout the visit.

If you’re concerned about your child’s early dental visits and want to make sure they develop a healthy attitude towards oral healthcare, Dallas Dental Wellness is here to walk you through every step of the way.