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Teething: Making the Process More Comfortable for Your Baby

Teething: Making the Process More Comfortable for Your Baby | Dallas Dentist

For many babies, teething typically starts around six months of age. Each baby is different, so even seasoned parents are looking for tips into how to make the teething process more comfortable for their child.

Those first few sprouts of baby teeth may appear incredibly endearing. However, parents would want to make their child as comfortable as possible during the teething phase since they can cause some discomfort as they work their way through your baby’s gums.

Understanding the signs, knowing what to look for, and arming yourself with knowledge on what to do can help smooth some of the hazards of teething and create a more comfortable experience – not just for your baby, but for you.

Here are some tips from your Dallas dentist that will help safely soothe your baby through the process:

  1. Give something cold to your baby – may it be a clean, wet washcloth that has been placed in the fridge, a pacifier, or a teething ring. Some parents swear by using a teething ring while there are some who give frozen fruit placed in a mesh bag. If you are going to give a teething ring, we advise against placing it in the freezer as it can harden and hurt your baby’s gums.
  2. Give extra comfort – Offer some extra care and love as your baby goes through this uncomfortable process. A new toy or more cuddle time can offer some distraction from the pain. Remember too that during this process, your child’s sleep may be disrupted, so do your best to stick to her nap schedule so she doesn’t feel more tired.
  3. Apply pressure – Massaging your child’s gums with clean fingers, a gauze, or a washcloth can offer relief. Wiping off the emerging teeth and her gums also has the added benefit of reducing inflammation and bacteria.
  4. Don’t create a hazard – Know what to avoid, since there are some popular ways to help teething babies that can be potentially dangerous. Hard foods like frozen bananas, carrots or bagels can offer some relief, however, they can be hazardous if they break off into small bits.

It is quite normal for your baby to feel irritable or fussy, experience a loss of appetite, or have difficulty sleeping during the teething stage. However, if your baby develops a rash, has diarrhea, or fever, it’s best to consult with your doctor. For more tips on how to help soothe your teething baby, feel free to get in touch with your Dallas dentist at Dallas Dental Wellness.