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Why is Oral Health Education Important to Growing Children?

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One of a parents’ most important jobs is instilling good habits and routines in their children. Oral health and dental hygiene practices are two of those essential habits. Done right, children will grow up to experience less oral pain, dental health issues, and tooth decay and tooth loss than children who don’t learn how to care for their teeth properly.

Dallas Dental Wellness has made it their mission to care for the oral health of adults and children. Without it, serious health problems can occur.  Children can experience gum infections, lose their teeth to decay and experience negative repercussions in school or at home because they are distracted and burdened by tooth pain and discomfort

Remember, your child should visit a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts. Once it does, parents must be vigilant about caring for each new tooth that comes in. Proper brushing techniques will ensure the tooth, and the surrounding gums remain healthy. Plus, it’s good to get your child familiar with good dental hygiene practices while they are young. They’ll be more likely to keep up the routines as they age without their parents’ constant supervision. Also, when you and your child start visiting Dallas Dental Wellness, your child will become familiar and comfortable with the dentist while they’re young, and are less likely to experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.

How can you encourage your child to take proper care of their teeth?

Well, you can start by leading an example by checking out this page from Dallas Dental Wellness on proper oral hygiene techniques for adults. Children will mimic their parents whether the habit and routine are good or bad.

Let your child pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste, and reward them for good oral hygiene habits. But remember not to reward them with sugary treats since that will defeat the entire purpose. You could instead reward them with stickers, or a fun activity or craft they can do after brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes morning and night. And don’t forget to floss.