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Oral Health and Weight Loss

Oral Health and Weight Loss | Dallas Dentist

To maintain good oral health and prevent cavities, how often you eat and what you eat are important factors to consider. Your mouth undergoes certain changes the minute you begin to eat specific foods. The bacteria present in the mouth converts carbohydrates and sugars to acids. These acids attack your tooth’s enamel, beginning the decay process.

For healthy teeth and gums and for healthy living, consider what you eat and drink carefully. If losing a few pounds is one of your resolutions this year, it’s best to start by making smart food choices. Choosing healthier foods and paying attention to portion sizes can affect not just your waistline but your oral health too! Here are some tips about oral health and weight loss that can make a difference in your smile and your waistline.

1. Planning your meals

Then: You might be more inclined to order takeout, reach for fatty foods, or simply aren’t very conscious about what should be on your plate.

Now: The right choices of food will help you feel, look, and function better. Start new, healthy habits, and determine how much of certain foods you should be eating each meal. ChooseMyPlate.gov is a great resource that can help.

2.  Your choice of beverage

Then: You automatically reach for a soda or any carbonated drink.

Now: You prefer to quench your thirst by drinking water.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 adults in the U.S. are either obese or overweight? Most Americans consume about 200 calories a day from sugary, carbonated drinks such as soda. Water is a better, healthier choice.

3. When your sweet tooth craves for dessert

Then: You eat a cookie (or two) after meals.

Now: You eat a piece of sugarless gum.

Reaching for a piece of sugarless gum not only cleans your teeth, it helps you overcome dessert remorse!

4. When working out

Then: You drink a sports drink after exercising, not realizing that it is loaded with sugar.

Now: You fill your sports bottle with water.

When it comes to exercising, keeping yourself hydrated is key. Avoid consuming sports drinks – they are full of sugar and can be acidic.

5. Snacking

Then: You reach out for the first food you see at the refrigerator.

Now: You make healthier food choices.

Choosing crackers, chips, or whatever food is within your reach is a surefire way to make calories sneak up on you. Making better choices and limiting snacking will not only help you manage your calorie intake; it will also help protect your teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Nutritious choices for snacks are yogurt, cheese, vegetables, nuts, or fruits.

Yes, there is a link between oral health and weight loss. By making healthy food choices, you are also able to keep your mouth healthy. And do remember that seeing your Dallas dentist throughout your weight loss journey could help prevent inflammation and keep your teeth and gums healthy until you reach your goal!