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Ideas for Family Summer Adventures

Ideas for Family Summer Adventures

Looking for family summer adventures? The pandemic has made planning and going on family trips more difficult, but don’t worry, there are still a lot of fun activities you can do with your kids, even in your own backyard! Regardless of your kids’ unique interests, from being a modern-day explorer to being a social media star, the summer adventure ideas below should be fun for your family.

The artist

The artist loves to draw, paint, and just be creative. Make art out of the common things you find in your surroundings. You can use sidewalk chalk for hours of endless fun. Aside from giving your children a way to express themselves creatively, use the chalk to make games like hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, mazes, or four square. If your child isn’t very enthusiastic about the idea, you may gather and decorate items that you find in nature, such as beautiful flowers, leaves, or stones.

The explorer

The explorer loves to get up close with nature. Ride a bike or take a walk around your neighborhood. Let your children be amazed at what they will discover in the grass, sidewalk, or trees. Take a magnifying glass with you to get a closer look at plants and critters. You may also bring a camera or notepad to make observations about the things that you see!

The fish

The fish loves getting wet! At this time of the year, playing in the water can be more refreshing than ever. If you cannot go to the beach or pool, bring the fun to you. Play with squirt guns or have a water balloon fight in your backyard. As your kids play, do not forget to remind them to stay hydrated. Water – especially when it’s fluoridated – is great for oral health.

The athlete

The athlete loves to play games and just run around. Grab the whole family for a great day outdoors! If you have competitive kids, this is a great time to put a fun twist on crab walks, three-legged races, or wheelbarrow races. For those who aren’t too competitive, they might find joy in playing a simple game of catch. Do not forget to bring mouthguards, just in case the play gets too physical!

We hope that these summer adventure ideas will help your kids enjoy the outdoors this season. Just come prepared, and take some simple steps to protect their bodies and mouths so that you and your family will stay safe, healthy, and smiling all summer long.