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How Cavities Can Cause Serious Health Problems

How Cavities Can Cause Serious Health Problems | Dallas Cosmetic Dentist

Did you know that cavities are one of the most frequent and recurrent worldwide oral health issues?

The World Health Organization estimates that 60 – 90% of the school children and 100% of the adults have them. Untreated, they can lead to a variety of health issues, such as infections or a weak immune system. But because the connection isn’t always obvious, it can be a bit difficult to spot it. One thing should be clear, though: a cavity should prompt you to visit your Dallas dentist as soon as possible.

Poor Oral Hygiene = Poor Quality of Life

Pain, infections, inflammation, and poor nutrition can affect the quality of life of people with bad oral health. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) confirms that there is a strong association between poor oral health and poor general health. Some factors, like poverty and improper nutrition, may contribute to both conditions and exacerbate the symptoms. However, there are also cases where gum disease and periodontitis trigger the disease. Diabetes is an excellent example, where the inflammation in the oral cavity makes the body less able to control blood sugar, affecting its capacity to use insulin.

Poor Oral Hygiene = High Chances of Heart Disease

As bizarre as it may sound, not brushing your teeth regularly can increase your odds of heart disease. According to a one study, people with poor oral hygiene were 70% more likely to develop some cardiovascular condition. Although the cause-effect relation is not clear from the study, one thing is sure: living a healthier life also means taking better care of your mouth. Other studies have made a connection between gum disease (either gingivitis or periodontitis) and bacterial infections of the heart tissue, such as endocarditis. One explanation might be that the bacteria caused by cavities can trigger an infection in other parts of the body too. Not to mention that the bacteria can also release toxins that trick the immune system into attacking artery walls and produce blood clots.

Some of the conditions mentioned above are difficult to treat, so prevention is key to maintaining  good oral health. This means scheduling regular appointments with your Dallas dentistry provider and caring for the overall health of your teeth.

At Dallas Dental Wellness, we can assess your mouth and provide the best treatment and hygiene plan to help keep your teeth healthy.