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Healthy, Teeth-Friendly Holiday Snacks for the Family

Healthy, Teeth-Friendly Holiday Snacks for the Family | Dallas Dentist

Whether we are ready or not, the holiday season is in full swing!

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate, Christmas pudding, gingerbread, and indulgent desserts.

Sugar-packed foods are detrimental to your family’s pearly whites. The amount of sugar that kids consume is one of the biggest culprits of tooth decay. After all, sugar is in practically everything – from desserts to juice. That is why this holiday, healthy snacking is a must for the entire family.

This season, ring in the festivities with healthy snack alternatives that will help you avoid an unplanned trip to the best dentist in Dallas and still keep your teeth in great shape! Here are some tips.

  1. Oatmeal cookies – this is a great alternative to chocolate chip cookies and sugar. You may replace applesauce for most of the sugar in the recipe.
  2. Gingerbread – there are a lot of recipes for gingerbread that only call for about half a cup of sugar. Put pumpkin in your recipe, which is high in fiber and great for your health!
  3. Almond cookies – Generally, almonds are good for you, and when mixed in everything from shortbread to Streusel cookies, the recipes typically require less sugar compared to other holiday desserts.
  4. Pumpkin pie – surprisingly, pumpkin pie is one of the healthiest pies in a holiday spread. Just try to avoid indulging on that whipped cream! When preparing the pie, try to cut the amount of sugar you use.
  5. Strawberries dipped in chocolate – the color of the strawberry is perfect for the holidays, plus, your children will enjoy the vitamin C-rich food dipped in chocolate!

During holiday gatherings someone almost always brings a basket of fruit or a fruit platter. Why not let it be you? Fruits are always a great substitute for sugar-laden desserts. Some examples:

  1. Apples are also known as nature’s toothbrush. Aside from being fibrous, it helps clean your teeth until such time when you can floss and brush.
  2. Oranges are vitamin C-rich, which is vital for strong gums and teeth.
  3. Pears stimulate saliva production, which can have a neutralizing effect on the harmful acids that can strip the teeth’s enamel.

While it is essential to make a few healthy substitutions during the holidays to keep your mouth – and the rest of your body – in great shape, moderation is key. Your teeth and your Dallas dentist will thank you!