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Headaches? Visit your Dallas Dentist First

Headaches? Visit your Dallas Dentist First | Dallas Dental Wellness

Headache? Dentist?

Yes, you read that right.

That’s true, people are likely to visit the doctor for a headache, but a dentist? Doing so just seems rather… odd.

But headaches and dental problems are, in fact, related.

Muscle Tension

The root cause of many headaches is muscle tension. And much of the occurrences of muscle tension are related to your bite.

Misalignment of the teeth, such as the case in an overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth, can cause biting problems. In cases like these, the muscles that control the jaw tend to be overworked and strained. One of these jaw muscles that can be under a lot of stress is called the temporalis muscle. This muscle attaches from the side of your skull to an area in your jawbone.

The temporalis muscle is also called the muscle of mastication because it is one of the muscles that you use during chewing. In fact, when you look at yourself in the mirror and chew, you will see some visible and palpable movement on the side of your head, near your ear — that’s your temporalis muscle.

Because the temporalis muscle is connected to your jaw and your skull, any tension in this muscle can give you a headache.

And so, the culprit of your headache? Misalignment of your teeth and jaw.

Sustained Toothache

Another cause of headaches that is related to dental issues is a sustained toothache.

There is a nerve called the trigeminal nerve, which passes through the teeth, jaw, and scalp, among other areas. Because of the connection that this nerve brings from the jaw area to the head, a severe toothache, which may be caused by cavity, infection, or abscess, can cause some referred pain to the head.

Again, the root problem of the headache? A toothache.

So you see, the best person that can treat your headache may actually be – in fact – your dentist.

Yes, headaches can compromise your productivity, and negatively affect your mood and daily routine. If you have been experiencing chronic headaches that, it’s time that you visit your dentist.

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