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Have a Mouth-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast

Did you know that November’s festivities are abundant with nutritious foods? If you are looking for mouth-friendly nutrients, you might be surprised to learn that some are hiding in your Thanksgiving feast.

Main dishes

Turkey, the highlight of the Thanksgiving meal, is rich in protein. Protein contains phosphorous, which helps in the rebuilding of the enamel and teeth development.

Eating at least 3 ounces of ham will give you 15% of your daily zinc, which aids in replenishing the tissue along the gum line. However, if you consume ham with sugar glaze, be sure to drink water and brush your teeth afterward.

Side dishes

Your green been casserole has green beans, which is abundant in vitamins A, C, and K. Vitamins A and C helps encourage good gum health, and Vitamin K is essential for strong teeth.

Yams also contain vitamins A and C; however, they are usually served with a sticky-sweet sauce. This is harmful for your teeth as they promote acid-causing bacteria, so be sure to drink water to wash the sugar away.


Nothing beats a freshly-made pumpkin pie! While pie is normally loaded with sugar, you might be surprised to learn that this pie variety has a healthy dose of vitamin A that helps encourage gum health and strengthen enamel. Pumpkin already has a naturally sweet flavor so it doesn’t really need added sugar.


Throughout the meal, do not forget to drink lots of water to wash away food residue that may get stuck between your teeth. Tap water contains fluoride that can help keep your enamel in good shape.

Black and green tea have the ability to eradicate cavity-causing bacteria. So, make tea with tap water, and you’re sure to win in the oral health department!

The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that wine has compounds that can help lessen the amount of acid in your mouth by up to 85%. 

Keep your mouth healthy and thriving this coming holiday season. You can stick to the traditional Thanksgiving feast menu – or put your own healthy spin on them! Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is only celebrated one day of the year. But proper brushing, mouth rinsing, and flossing will keep your mouth healthy and happy throughout the year!


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