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Halloween Dental Tips: Stay Away from These Creepy Dental Tricks

Halloween Dental Tips: Stay Away from These Creepy Dental Tricks

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, and for most kids, this means loads of free sweets and an opportunity to build a stockpile of candy.

A lot of parents view Halloween as a sugary nightmare. However, this is also a wonderful opportunity to teach your children to make healthy choices and how to avoid cavities. Make Halloween a treat with these Halloween dental tips and by avoiding these creepy dental tricks!

Putting gems on teeth

Some children follow the trends on social media and try to decorate their teeth by putting jewels on them.

Frightening outcome: Jewels and gems can cause tooth damage and discoloration if applied using the wrong bond. Even if applied in a sterile environment, tooth jewels can cause gum disease and cavities and may injure sensitive tissue and gums when food and plaque build up around or under the gems. Ultimately, we think that your teeth will look their best ‘au naturel’ – with a healthy, sparkling smile!

Using superglue to attach vampire fangs on teeth

Some trick-or-treaters who want to appear extra-ghoulish as vampires superglue vampire fangs. However, a meticulously detailed Halloween costume should never give you actual pain.

Scary consequences: Some adhesives like superglue or nail glue are toxic and can destroy the enamel of the tooth. Even worse, at the end of the day, you can pull out or fracture your teeth when you try to remove your fangs! Ensure that your costume elements or artificial fangs do not damage your teeth and refrain from using household bonding agents to keep them in place.

Shaving teeth

A nail file is a handy tool to file your nails, so you can use them on your teeth, right? Wrong.

Creepy results: Some unfortunate DIYers have found out that this futile trick doesn’t solve the issue of uneven teeth, which can be caused by anything from genetics and poor dental care to facial injury and nutrition. Sadly, teeth don’t grow back like nails after being filed, and doing this can result in cavities, tooth sensitivity, pain, as well as nerve and tooth damage. If you want to have even teeth, talk to your dentist about safe and healthy options.

Always consult with your Dallas dentist before attempting to make any dental changes. A lot of professional, in-office dental treatments and procedures are surprisingly affordable and easy. We at Dallas Dental Wellness are happy to go over the right options for you.

Keep your family healthy and safe this season by reminding everyone that just because something is trending on social media doesn’t mean that it is good for you – and your oral health!