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Foods that Damage Your Teeth

Foods that Damage Your Teeth | Dallas Dentist Tips

News flash from your dentist in Dallas, TX: the teeth and gut connection is a fact.

Sugar has been the long-standing culprit for most of our dental issues – and with good reason. Sugar has been a culinary staple since it was discovered around 8,000 B.C.

Thanks to the introduction of toothbrushes and to modern dentistry, sugar is no longer very intimidating, but it can still damage teeth. It still has a bad reputation for causing cavities, because eating foods rich in sugar puts you at a higher risk of tooth decay.   

People spend a lot of time blaming sugar that they tend to overlook the other foods that wreaks havoc to your teeth.

1. Bread – a seemingly harmless food, but this snack, which is a carb lovers favorite, causes a lot of damage to your teeth. In fact, tooth decay occurs when the mixture of saliva and bread sticks to our teeth. If you are a bread person, be very diligent in brushing to eliminate the starch from the bread you ate.

2. Raisins – despite all their nutritional value, raisins does a lot of damage to your teeth. Raisins are very sticky, and they tend to get stuck in between teeth, leaving behind sugar. It can be very challenging to get rid of sticky particles stuck in between teeth, even with flossing and brushing.

3. Foods with vinegar – in spite of its numerous health benefits, vinegar can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. From apple cider to pickled onions, vinegar may contribute to weight loss and may help lower cholesterol. It adds flavor to a lot of foods like cucumbers and onions. Tasty as it may be, vinegar is very acidic and can weaken the tooth’s enamel and structure.

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