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Flossing Myths Debunked

Flossing Myths Debunked | Best Dentist in Dallas, TX

The American Dental Association (ADA) encourages us to floss on a regular basis for a healthy mouth. Doing so will help prevent dental issues from surfacing, such as gum disease and cavities. Flossing daily removes bacteria and debris from between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. Furthermore, regular flossing helps prevent plaque buildup, which eventually leads to tartar.

Yes, daily flossing keeps your teeth healthy, and any Dallas dentist will tell you that practicing good oral habits in general contributes to your health in other ways too! The sad news is, a lot of people are still confused about this good oral hygiene practice.

Let us debunk some common myths about flossing.

1. Myth: Flossing is hard

On the contrary, flossing is easy. We are more than happy to show you the basic technique, however, if you still find yourself struggling, try the Y-shaped floss holder. Some of our patients find the Y-shaped tool with a piece of floss easier to manage, which only requires the use of one hand. The floss holder can also make flossing those hard-to-reach areas easier.

2. Myth: I should only floss when I have food caught between my teeth

Yes, flossing is an effective means to eliminate food particles trapped from between your teeth. However, this shouldn’t be your only reason to floss. Flossing can also help successfully remove plaque. Plaque that is left to sit between your teeth can result to tooth decay, inflamed gums, gum disease – even tooth loss! Make flossing a habit, not just when food gets stuck.

3. Myth: I have braces – maybe it’s best not to floss

It’s true that braces can make flossing a bit challenging, but not flossing while you have your braces on is a terrible idea. Think about how much bacteria will be stuck between your teeth by the time you get your braces off! What’s the point of straightening your teeth if they’re not healthy? If you find it hard to floss with your braces, feel free to consult your Dallas dentist about your flossing technique.

4. Myth: Flossing is painful

If you have a healthy mouth and you use the correct type of floss, flossing shouldn’t hurt at all. Some people with gum problems might find flossing uncomfortable at first, but once it becomes a habit, most find that the process becomes easier. If you experience pain while flossing, talk to us about your flossing technique.

Having a dental condition shouldn’t stop you from flossing. Remember – flossing is an essential component of plaque removal. There are some specialized flossing options out there. Questions? Talk to us. We at Dallas Dental Wellness are here to help you keep your teeth and mouth looking and feeling great!