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Practice Philosophy
of Dallas Dental Wellness

Dr. Sarah Kong spends a lot of her time listening. She wants all her patients to feel safe, welcome, and understood! We listen so we can better respond with the best treatment options for your situation. We want our patients to be well-informed, because informed patients make better decisions about their well-being and health.

At Dallas Dental Wellness, your dental and overall health are our number one concern.  We believe that wellness begins at an early age.  Our goal is to help you to actively take care of your mouth and body so that you can pursue your best you.  Being well allows you to be available to live a fuller life for yourself and for those you love.  And having a healthy mouth can help you achieve overall wellness, as your mouth is the gateway into your body.  Now more than ever, the scientific community is continuing to show the correlation of poor oral health to overall health conditions related to heart disease, pregnancy, diabetes, and many others.

We work to partner with you to achieve your comprehensive dental goals by listening closely to your specific concerns and desires.  Optimal treatment strategies will be personalized and presented to you, and we even help you navigate the multiple options you may have, so that they make sense to your health, your timeline and your budget.

To keep you well, we believe in preserving as much of your natural goodness as possible! We only offer digital radiographs and recommend them judiciously to minimize your exposure to radiation.  We also offer mercury-free, BPA-free, gluten-free, latex-free, and fluoride-free options.