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Delicious Fall Foods to Enjoy for Healthy Teeth

Delicious Fall Foods to Enjoy for Healthy Teeth

The fall season brings a lot of wonderful things – a breath of crisp air, fireplace nights, pumpkin spice lattes, beautiful foliage, and lots of comfort food!

Admittedly, many holiday foods are not very good for our teeth. But did you know that there are some delicious foods this season that are actually good for you?

Below are some favorite foods for healthy teeth and gums that let you enjoy the cozy season while contributing to your oral health.


Nothing says autumn like the smell of apples, and we all look forward to enjoying apples this season in pies and ciders. However, do yourself a favor by choosing to eat apples in its natural, raw state. Apples naturally have high sugar content, but they are also high in fiber and water content.

With their crunchy texture, apples can benefit your oral health in two ways:

  • Munching on crunchy foods like apples stimulate saliva production, and saliva helps wash away bacteria and protect your teeth from decay.
  • Apples are nature’s scrubbers for your teeth. They help prevent plaque from building up since they are especially great at getting between and around teeth.


This popular fall snack also helps contribute to your mouth’s health. Cranberries contain polyphenols which repel bacteria and reduce inflammation in your mouth, blocking them from forming a sticky layer on your teeth that causes decay. Cranberries also have properties that promote good bacteria in your mouth to thrive!

Keep in mind, though, that cranberries are loaded with sugar and are naturally tart, so only consume 100 percent natural, unprocessed cranberries without added sugars.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients, which include protein, fiber, iron, phosphorous, and calcium. Iron will help keep your tongue healthy, and since the tooth enamel is made of phosphorous and calcium, consuming foods that are packed with these minerals will help keep your teeth strong.

Making good, healthy choices is easier when you are aware how they will benefit us. Your Dallas dentist hopes that knowing how these healthy food choices can benefit your oral health will encourage you to make good choices for you and your family!


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