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Creating a Space to De-Stress

Creating a Space to De-Stress

Did you know that your mental health is closely linked to your oral health? Stress typically causes health issues, and your oral health is no exception. Issues like stress, anxiety, and depression can influence the integrity of your teeth.

Left unchecked, stress and anxiety can affect your smile – cold sores, grinding teeth, and cold sores are potential issues that are caused by too much stress.

Hence, it’s essential to refresh and relax. Below are a few suggestions to help you relieve stress and anxiety by creating a calming indoor retreat and optimizing your relaxation time.

Refresh an existing space


You can begin by decluttering any space in your home. Having less clutter will help you feel less stressed immediately. Take baby steps, like decluttering your bathroom cabinets. Check your oral health care supplies, refresh them with new ones, and don’t forget to dispose of expired or old items!

For good lighting, move a comfortable chair near a window

Enjoy the view outside, and snuggle in to meditate or read. Add a cozy pillow or throw to make your space more comfortable. If you notice your jaw clenching, relax your mouth by moving the tip of your tongue between your teeth.

Introduce some greenery

Put some greens in the spaces you spend the most time in. Indoor plants can help make you feel calmer and lessen stress. You can really bring nature in by adding or playing some nature sounds!

Create a calming retreat

Roll out a yoga mat

Get to know the basics, which are easy to do and will do wonders to help calm the mind. Numerous studies have shown that yoga may help lower anxiety and stress, and promote better sleep and a sense of well-being.  

Light aromatherapy candles

Better yet, light some candles around your tub, set the perfect mood with a tailored playlist, and soak in a salt bath. Magnesium has been known to help reduce stress and anxiety and help the body relax. Soothing scents, lights, and calming music during your time in the tub can help your worries drift away.

Brew a cup of tea and enjoy it with someone you love

Enjoying a cup of tea can be a wonderful way to infuse Zen into your daily routine. Whatever tea you consume, try to keep your oral health in mind by limiting ingredients like honey and lemon that can add acid and sugar to your drink. Some good teas for stress relief are chamomile, mint, lavender, and rose.

When creating a space for you to unwind, and relieve stress and anxiety, keep in mind that self-care and relaxation are different for each person. It is entirely up to you what feels comfortable and good in your space.


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