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Bad Breath? There’s Help.

Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath |  Dallas Dental Wellness Blog

What is more socially unacceptable and humiliating than the remains of a salad  visible on a toothy grin? You guessed right; it’s bad breath. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can affect your self-confidence and social life. Halitosis is not a medical emergency, but at least 20 percent of the global population suffer from this distressing condition.

Don’t worry, there’s hope. Here are some tips from your Dallas dentist that will help you get rid of bad breath once and for all.

1. Observe good oral hygiene

Dentists recommend practicing good oral hygiene not just to keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay. They will also keep your breath fresh.

Floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Making this a habit, especially after every meal will remove the food particles in your mouth, which can taint your breath. Drinks, food, as well as the body’s natural processes tend to leave bacteria on your tongue, so be sure to give your tongue a thorough cleaning too. Rinse with mouthwash or water to remove any remaining debris.

2. Keep hydrated

Dry mouth causes halitosis. Saliva cleans the mouth naturally and has an antimicrobial and buffering effect. Eliminating halitosis can be as simple as staying hydrated, and keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to boost the production of saliva. Chewing sugar-free gum can also help boost saliva production.

3. Stay away from food and drink triggers

There are specific types of foods that can give you bad breath. These include coffee, garlic, alcohol, and onions. They go into the bloodstream and make their way into your lungs. Avoid foods that are high in fructose and acidic foods, as they will encourage the production of bacteria.

Foods that help curb bad breath

1. Apples – are rich in pectin that helps stimulate saliva production.

2. Fennel seeds – these have antiseptic properties that help restrict bacterial growth.

3. Cinnamon stick – is a great antiseptic. Cinnamon’s essential oils eradicate germs and will help leave your mouth smelling great.

4. Clove – is eugenol-rich; an oil that has antibacterial properties. We recommend that you put one clove in your mouth, bite into it, then spit it out once the oils have covered your mouth. Stay away from powdered cloves or clove oil, as these can burn your mouth.

5. Green foods – green foods like mint, parsley, cilantro, or basil are natural bad breath remedies. They contain a pigment that helps neutralize odors: chlorophyll.

Get yourself checked by your Dallas dentist regularly

Bad breath can be a sign of poor oral health. If you observe good oral hygiene but still suffer from bad breath, come to us at Dallas Dental Wellness. We can help!