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Back-to-School: Start the School Year with a Smile!

Start the School Year with a Smile! | Dallas Dentist

Regularly taking your child to your Dallas dentist for preventative care is important all throughout the year. However, a dental visit before the school year starts is key in combatting the biggest chronic condition found in children who go to school: cavities.

Did you know that dental concerns cause kids to miss more than 50 million hours in school each year? Early detection as well as prevention is important to help your child avoid difficulty in eating, pain, trouble speaking, and missed school days. Here are some tips for a successful back-to-school dental check-up.

1. Plan for it

Between camping trips, holiday cookouts, and the multitude of things on your family’s bucket list, it can be quite easy for school to sneak up on parents. The sad fact is, a lot of parents don’t think about their child’s dental appointment until August, making this month one of the busiest for dental offices.

Why not make it a point to set up an appointment with your dental provider once your child gets her report card in spring?

2.   Inspire your kids to exercise good dental habits

I’m sure you will agree that the best dental checkup is a cavity-free one! Parents can make this happen by helping their kids develop good oral habits at home, such as brushing twice a day as well as flossing.

3. Good timing

The time of day can make your child’s dental appointment a success, or break it. Does your child normally take a nap in the afternoon? Try not to schedule your dental visit during naptime. If you have an older child, try not to cram in an appointment right after school or day camp. Your child may not have enough stamina to make it through the appointment.

4. Don’t go in hungry

Hungry child = unhappy patient. You want your child comfortable during the visit, not grouchy. Give your child a light meal before their dental appointment. Children with a healthy gag reflex will benefit from this too.

5. Leave your worries at the door

If you are nervous about going to the dentist, your child will pick up on it. Be aware of how and what you communicate with them. For instance, if the visit will involve getting a cavity filled, it’s best not to say, “It will hurt only for a short while.” Reassure your child, and encourage them to ask the dentist.

We want our children to feel successful about being able to have a good dental appointment with their Dallas dentist, and associate those positive feelings with the thought that their teeth are healthy and strong because of it. They will carry that message for life!