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3 Tips to Protect Your Mouth While Recovering from a Dental Implant

3 Tips to Protect Your Mouth While Recovering from a Dental Implants | Dallas Dentist

Missing teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious. If you have healthy gums, you might be a good candidate of dental implants. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, an implant is an artificial tooth “root” surgically placed in your mouth. An oral surgeon will connect an artificial titanium root to your jawbone and attach a synthetic tooth to the exposed top of the stake.

It’s a fairly invasive procedure that give a variety of complications and pain if not managed properly. To save yourself from an achy socket or an infected gash, here are 3 tips to protect your mouth while recovering from a dental implant:

Purchase a Water Flosser

As the synthetic material rests against your gum line, severe inflammation can easily occur and lead to peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis. According to the American Academy Of Implant Dentistry, adding an additional cleaning apparatus to your daily dental routine may be necessary.

      • Consider getting a Water Flosser to clean out the space between the implant and your gum line without causing more irritation.
      • Ask for a Plaque Seeker Tip when buying the flosser to maximize its cleaning power.

Consider Using an Interdental Brush

      • The study found, on average, Interdental Brushes provided a 50% decrease in plaque compared to traditional cleaning methods.

In Serious Cases, Use Implant Floss

If you find yourself victim to serious bacterial buildup, the strength and durability of an implant floss could be the only option to clear it out before it develops into something serious.

      • An Implant floss has hard plastic tips that make it easier to insert through clogged spaces.
      • Additionally, the floss’ spongy center is rugged enough to grind out the blockage and absorbent enough to trap the excavated material.


Of course, the best way to care for your dental implants is to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with our Dallas Dentist. We are the dental implant experts in Dallas that you need in your corner to keep your mouth healthy and clean.

Visit our site today, and start caring for your implants in a safe and welcoming environment!